As much as I love seeing myself and Harold in cartoon form, I really do enjoy any strip in which we have other characters.

This big military guy, for example . . . I love the way he turned out.

I hate job interviews. Just plain hate them. I mean, they are, to a certain extent, rather formulaic and because of that, I'm actually pretty good at them. I know the right things to say, I always have relevant stories from previous work history ready to go to for examples. But still . . . I'd rather just skip the whole process if I could.

Mainly because the true purpose of a job interview is to convince the other person that you are awesome. That out of everyone that they have talked to so far, you are the one they want. That means you have to really toot your own horn, and while I know all the right things to say in an interview, I've never been good - nor comfortable - tooting my own horn.

I hate waiting for a job interview in a room full of people. I always compare myself to them and come up short. They look a little smarter, their suit looks a little nicer, and their portfolio looks much bigger.
If I ever have to go to another job interview, my plan is to just go in wearing something kinda cool, but not too formal, bring some nice printouts of my favorite work, but not a huge portfolio, and try my best to have the attitude that they need me more than I need them.

Really though? I hope I never have to interview for a job again in my life.

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