So, yesterday's weather forecasts were making me feel like my life was going to become the movie Snowpiercer. Lots of officials shutting down roads, and declaring emergencies. At one point President Obama was informed. At least 2 feet of snow and dangerously strong winds. A historic event.
Needless to say, I got pretty freaked out. I baked some last minute bread to make sure we had food, charged up all our devices, and hunkered down for the night, preparing to shovel in the middle of the night to get a head start.

So this morning school called and only had a 2 hour delay. My wife wakes me up and says "You probably should get to work." I'm like "But, the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!"

I look outside, and we have about an inch at most.

My family had prayed the storm wouldn't be that bad. I hate shoveling and I hate dangerous roads, so I'm thankful we didn't get a storm. I just wonder how the weather report can go that wrong. I was about to get really mad about it, but then I read this and realized it's just not that easy to predict what will happen. I should be thankful we have the ability to even come close to guessing what's coming.

I think it's hard when we lose the feeling of control, and if there's anything we can't control, it's Mother Nature.

Bottom line: Some poor sap probably bought an expensive snowblower last night, thus cancelling the storm.

Oh, and a new strip is up that has nothing to do with snow.

In Kansas we are sunny and in the mid 40's . . . though I might enjoy a bit of snow.

I always make sure we have stuff to make chili if we have a big snowstorm brewing. There's just something about being trapped at home, surrounded by snow, that calls for chili.

But hey, what about that strip. We are moving toward a fairly big story line, the first for Our Adventure Continues and I'm rather excited about it.

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