I'd hazard to guess 90% of the people reading this have been asked at least one time in their lives "Do you have a zombie plan?" I always feel stupid when asked, because I can't come up with anything decent. I can't hunt, fish, start a fire, or even tie my shoes incredibly well. My only zombie-centric skill is that I'm a very good shot (My personal theory is that all artists are good shots because of our steady hands). Even though that's a pretty good skill to have for when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens, I still don't have an actual, concrete PLAN.

I've thought about holing up in Wal-Mart, but someone will just show up and take it away from me. If I board up my house, I'll just run out of supplies.

I could try going to a prison, but there aren't any around me. So I finally just imagined myself doing exactly what we see Steeven doing in today's strip.

So, what's YOUR zombie plan? Email us at ouradventurecontinues@gmail.com, or comment below and let us know!

I know that I wouldn't last long during the zombie apocalypse.

I'm out of shape, I have zero survival skills, and ... well, that's pretty much enough to get me eaten within the first ten minutes.

With that in mind, one would think that I'm not qualified to write something that might be entitled Five Ways to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, but that didn't stop me from doing that very thing a while back. Read it at the following link - LINK

Join us next week for Christmas in May ... yes, I know that we said last time that this strip would be Christmas in May ... but you can't stop the Zombie Apocalypse.


  1. My plan, hmmm, let's think... blend in?

  2. All female zombies should have blood-red painted nails. It just seems appropriate.

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