Things never seem to go smoothly between Steeven and I in the strip. I find that extra funny, because we actually get along so well in real life. I'm not sure how our alter egos became such a modern day Abbot and Costello. Perhaps because Steeven is such an optimist in real life, and I tend to see the down side of many things. Our "Toon Selves" just evolved into more extreme forms, I guess.

I have only spoken to Steeven once or twice in real life, and have seen his true form even less, so it's only natural that, more often than not, I imagine the real Steeven as his cartoon form: Short, hopelessly naive, with an almost squirrely voice, typing away furiously on a typewriter.

It helped to hear us interviewed on Shawn Pryor's unfairly awesome podcast "The BlackBox", and remember that Steeven is a fun, intelligent guy with a deep baritone voice that belongs on late night radio.

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