Hey look! Two new characters.

First up is Ultra Maximum Man. You can read more about him on our characters page: LINK.

The second character there is just known simply as The Therapist. We don't really know much about him, and we may only see him once more, so we haven't decided if he's worth writing a back story for and putting him on the characters page.

Anyway, today's strip was written (and drawn, of course) by Harold, so I'll turn this over to him.

You know the running gag in the movie "Airplane", where the main character starts talking to another passenger, and by the time he's done with his story, the passenger is attempting to light themselves on fire, hang themselves, or some other type of horrible suicide? That's how people tend to react when I start to talk about my disgust with big events in comics. Death, quitting teams, new teams, etc... These events are so common now, we are pretty much immune to their affect on us.

Well, at least I'M immune. It must be having SOME affect, because these events seem to still give their books some spike to their sales.

So hopefully this strip has let me vent my feelings enough to give it a rest... for now.

Big thanks to Dean Stahl for helping write this one. We had the idea for it, and some of the dialogue bits, but couldn't quite bring the whole thing together.

You can find Dean's art at www.deanandmjit.com, and his webcomic "Headlocks and Headaches" at www.headlocksandheadaches.com

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