I love Paul and Gene.

I think I love them most because they don't have to be horses. What I mean is that the very first strip I wrote starring Paul and Gene, which hasn't been posted yet, had nothing to do with them being horses. It was just two guys talking. It was just whimsy that made me write them as horses.

I also remember asking Harold if he could draw horses, because I've heard from many an awesome artist who will admit that they can't draw animals very well. Harold told me that he was not good at drawing horses, and was really quite nervous about doing it. Yet, they turned out great!

Now he loves to draw horses.

So bravo to Harold for not only conquering his fear of drawing horses, but putting that fear in a figure four leg lock and making it scream for mercy.

Join us next week as Nothing Ever Changes.


  1. Being the old KISS fan that I am, I would love to see a print of these two horses in Gene and Paul KISS make-up.

    You know, just saying. :-)

    1. And that is precisely who they are named after ... I figured calling them Ace and Peter would be too obvious :)

      I think that print idea is a great idea too ... I'll see what I can do.