I'm a big fan of those Monty Python sketches in which they just list stuff.

Whether its the various ways of saying that the parrot is dead in the Dead Parrot sketch, or all of the different types of cheeses in the Cheese Shop sketch, I find myself highly amused and titter quietly to myself each and every time I see them.

Redacted Neanderthal is my list of titter inducing items. I actually do this in real life quite often, and it drives the people around me a bit mad ... which probably means I should stop.

After this strip was completed and lettered, I (of course) came up with other meanings for RN ... Here are just a few:

Radioactive Nightingale
Ricky Nelson
Royal Navy
Regulation Napalm
Ridiculous Nightgown

What about you? Send us your list to ouradventurecontinues at gmail dot com, and we will publish it with the next strip.

Last strip, we asked if you could come up with some ideas for how Paul was able to tape those pencils to his hooves, and we got a couple of great responses.

Chis Flick from the very awesome Capes and Babes webcomic comes with one plausable explanation:

The My Little Ponies - with their awesome rainbow magic - helped him with the tape.

Yeah... that's all I got.

Chad Burdette of the wonderful Comic Book Laundry podcast goes with the simple, but always a favorite:

Deus Ex Machina

But in the end, it was Nuggie99 who came up with the most practical and non-award winning explanation:

They were put there by Rabid Ninja Zombie Wildebeests, of course!

Of course!

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