I'm just tickled pink by that last panel.

I was giggling when I wrote it, and laughed out loud when Harold showed me the art.

But there's something curious going on in that last panel. I mean, we can see how Paul overcomes the fact that he has no fingers. He tapes the pencils to his hooves, and now he can pound out that novel that's been inside him for so very long. But then you have to ask yourself: How did he tape the pencils to his hooves?

Tell us how you think he got those pencils on his hooves. Email us at ouradventurecontinues at gmail dot com.

Full disclosure. I didn't like this strip much at first, but I tend to be too critical, and am hard to please, so I let it go. Once I started drawing it, I got it. That's happened more than once with the webcomic.

I'm not saying it needs my art to be funny. Sometimes I just need to see it to fully appreciate it.

That might be why my wife reads so much faster than I do. When something is described in a book, I can't move on until I've visualized it in my head.

Also, Steeven blew my mind just now. I never thought about how Paul taped the pencils on :)

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  1. The My Little Ponies - with their awesome rainbow magic - helped him with the tape.

    Yeah... that's all I got.

  2. His agent taped the pencils on his hooves, for only 65% of the income when published?