Looks like Warren is up to his tricks again.

This is one of my favorite strips.

The script basically said that Saint Patrick is fighting cyborg snakes. The only direction I supplied regarding the look of Saint Patrick was that I thought it would be funny if he was wearing a costume that looked just like the Punisher, but green and white instead of black and white.

When I got the line art to flat, I was blown away ... mainly because of the shamrock/skull on his chest. That's all Harold and I love it.

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  1. What if I'm an irregular reader?

  2. Awesome picture. Love the fact that they're not just cyber snakes - but rocket cyber snakes. Not sure why St Patrick is wearing a pilgrim hat instead of a bishop miter. But the clover insignia is genius.

  3. Aha, now I see - it's a leprechaun hat. My bad. Don't mind me.

  4. I like the 'And that's why...'-jokes.

    1. Thanks, these are some of my favorites as well.