Meet Reg and Stan.

We obviously haven't gone into any back story with these guys yet, but I like to think that Reg, the guy with the mustache, won the lottery and used his earnings to open a comic book store. However, Reg didn't really want to run a comic book store, he just wanted his own place to hang out and read comics. So, he hired his buddy, Stan, to run the place.

As far as how these two fellas look, and the design that went into them, Harold rocked it as usual. He asked me how I pictured these guys, and I simply told Harold that I pictured Reg and Stan to be the anti Harold and Steeven. Harold came back with the very designs you see in the strip now.

Speaking of Harold, the two of us have been talking about stats and readership and how there really isn't a reliable way to determine how many people aren't just looking and leaving, but are actually coming back twice a week. So, the two of us thought we would just ask. So consider this the Reader Roll call.

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See you again on Thursday when we give you something fun in anticipation of Saint Patrick's Day.

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