Well folks, we try to be transparent on this site, so here' what's going on lately, behind the scenes. We're nearing the end of our first story arc, and our first Season. I now find myself in a place where I am almost out of buffer.

"What's buffer" you ask? It's the amount of webstrips you have done ahead of time. When we started posting again, we had about a month and a half's worth of strips in the can (if we're doing 2 a week). I haven't been keeping that pace.

So I have some options. I wouldn't mind some feedback from our awesome readers:

1. Stop for a specific amount of time, working on a "Season 2", and start posting 2 strips a week again.

2. Do 1 strip a week from now on, so you guys can keep getting content. Maybe I eventually can build up extra strips during this time.

3. Do black and white comics twice a week.

4. We leave our two heroes for a while at the end of Season 1, and I work on a dream Super Hero graphic novel with Steeven, which will be posted sometime in the future here on the site.

I hate to stop completely for any amount of time, and lose readers. That said, option 1 might be the default choice if my arm keeps acting up. I'm getting a lot of pain in my drawing arm.

Also, I'm considering using a site called "Patreon" where creators can receive pledges/funding from readers, to help them continue doing what they do. There are reward tiers, where the readers get certain rewards, and Milestones that can be reached and offer more content. Pledges can range from $1 to $500. Here's an excellent example of one. https://www.patreon.com/RayDillon

So we have some decisions to make. Whatever happens, this has been a blast, and I really want to keep doing it, but I need to do it in a realistic way that stays fun.

I can't thank everyone enough for your support.

Before I get into my comments on the strip, I want to remind everyone that we still have a couple of weeks worth of strips left before we wrap up Season One.

However, to go along with what Harold said, regardless of the decision we make for the future of the comic, or the future of what Harold and I do together, the best way for you to be the first to be updated on what we are doing is to join the mailing list. You can do that by clicking this link:


Whichever option we decide (see options above) we are going to tell our mailing list first. So join, it's free, we don't sell you email address to anyone, and you can get some behind the scenes content now and again.

Now, onto this strip:

First off, check out that suit I'm wearing!

So nice. So green. So right.

Gotta get me one of those in real life.

Second, I'm fairly certain I have seen A Few Good Men fifty times. If you've ever had TNT or TBS, you've probably seen it fifty times as well because they would (and probably still do) play that movie all the dang time.

That's the dern truth, I tell ya.




  1. He is Dressed like a small time country lawyer

  2. I like color, and I like your strip - I'll take it in whatever dose you give it. In view of the open and honest policy: I read it when I get a notification - not because it's the first thing I think about every Tuesday and Thursday. If you took a break for a couple weeks, I would miss it, but as soon as you sent me a newsletter saying its started again (Sign up by clicking the link above! NOW! What are you waiting for?!) I would excitedly return to lap up the dribblings of your genus. Or if you posted once a week, that would be fine too. There's my middle-child fully committed vote!