I know this is low hanging fruit, but yes, I'm targeting the media's tendency to oversimplify the causes of the violent events in the world:

"Johnny played Death Carjack IV, and then blew up farmer brown's prize cow? It's the game's fault". "Liz had a gun. Liz shot her dog. It's completely the guns fault."

You know the drill. I don't need to drive it home.


  1. Well, I posted a comment, then it disappeared...or it's awaiting moderation and it just didn't tell me. So here it goes again...

    When it comes to a reference of media oversimplification regarding root causes of violence or "juvenile delinquency", perhaps the most famous example amongst fans of THIS medium would be Fredric Wertham. Not that we needed an essay from you providing examples.

    Also, I AM reading your webcomic Harold, just not commenting regularly. Now I know how listeners of my podcast feel. But hey, while I'm here: Loving the content. I find myself wondering how in the HELL they're going to get out of each new situation. Also, the shopping cart comic? That REALLY spoke to me. I used to work at Garden Ridge as a Seasonal Department Manager (as in, I managed the seasonal department). What drove me NUTS is people who left shopping carts EVERYWHERE. And what made it worse? These are interior designers or realtors who would come in prior to or just after a trip to the gym. To the GYM. They'd have protein shakes or granola bars and be dressed in spandex or workout clothes. They INTEND on exerting themselves. But, despite being OBSESSED with health and exercise, walking TEN EXTRA FEET was just OUT of the question to them.

    That job is SEVERAL years behind me. But it clearly still bothers me greatly.

    1. I'm sorry about your comment disappearing. That's happening a LOT lately, and I can't seem to get to the bottom of it. I don't have the site set up so it needs me to approve anything, so I'm not sure :(

      Fredric Wertham is a perfect example. I think that people don't like to think too much, thus, easy oversimplified answers.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the comic! The "Public Manners Patrol" arc really was for Steeven and I to vent about this stuff. I'm glad we're not the only frustrated ones!

      Thanks for dropping a line!