Hey Adventurers! Our Adventure Continues is having a little contest.

If you'd like to appear in a cameo in a future strip, leave a comment on our site, telling a story about the worst public manners you've seen. You need to click on a specific strip to comment for some reason, you can't just be on the main page, so keep that in mind.

I am currently penciling the strip the cameos will appear in RIGHT NOW, so ACT FAST! I can only fit in the first two or three people to comment. But even if all the spots are filled, we'll still be psyched if you comment anyway!

Two disclaimers:

1. Please state in the comments that you want to appear in the strip.

2. I cannot promise I will be able to achieve a perfect likeness, and won't be able to do revisions. I'LL TRY TO MAKE YOU LOOK AWESOME!  smile emotico

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  1. People who use blue-tooth in the bathroom

    1. Or how about people that just talk in bathrooms period . . . I'm not there to socialize!

  2. I worked at a supermarket for many years as a kid. People would ALWAYS park in the fire lane. "Oh my husband or wife just ran in to get one thing."
    I don't see an asterisk painted on the pavement that the "no parking - fire lane" doesn't apply to those purchasing 5 items or less! X(