Happy 50th strip!

Here's something I struggle with on a daily basis. How hard is it to take a freaking cart back into the store, or to the cart wrangler. I've seen carts sitting in spaces that were only three spaces away from the cart wrangler.


I'm a lazy guy. I'm not playing here, I am one lazy guy. But even I will take a cart back into the store or to the cart wrangler.

Just the other day I pulled into the lot of the local store with my son and there sitting on the sidewalk in front a of the store was a cart. My first thought was to snatch that cart up and take it into the store. But I didn't. I couldn't.

Want to know why?

My son got to it first.

I was so proud.

I love Aldi. Their grocery prices are amazing. So low in fact, that when we first went, I assumed the food had all gone bad, or was of a horrible quality, to be at the cheap a price. But no, their food ranges from fine to delicious.

One of the ways they keep their prices so low: They make you put a down payment of 25¢ on their shopping carts. You have to actually insert a quarter into a chained lock to get the cart out. You get the quarter back when you return the cart. I'm amazed it works so well. You don't see ANY carts sitting out in the lot. Amazing how important 25¢ can be to a person.

And before you assume people are "buying" 25¢ carts, and just taking off with them, the carts have a mechanism that keeps it from going too far away from the store. I have no idea how it works, but the cart locks up at a certain distance.

I wish they ran movie theaters. I bet they'd pay people 25¢ to not bring their infants to R rated movies. But that's a strip for another day.


  1. I wanna be a cameo! My friend Ken and I work where you wait on customers. One day, line out the door, Ken calls next person, guy comes up on his cell phone, ken says he can help him as soon as he's finished his phone call, guy gives him "just a minute" finger and WON'T MOVE. Ken tries to call the next customer up and the guy still will not move so Ken can help someone else and still won't hang up phone. So now Ken, and me, and everyone in line is stuck watching this guy until he is good and ready to complete his phone call. He finally finishes and starts to tell Ken what he wants, wait for it, Ken picks up his phone, gives the guy the "just a minute" finger, and walks away! Priceless!!!

    Your sister Pam.

  2. I want to be in the strip. First thing that comes to mind for bad public manners is a car race we attended years ago (the we weekend I got married) A rookie had won the race and after the race we are walking out and this young guy is ranting and raving "I came all this way to see an effing rookie win the effing race and eff this and eff that" Seems like bad language is just common place nowadays. (Not as good of a story as Pam's but first thing I thought of)

  3. People who put horribly vulgar bumper stickers on their cars. If you put a little red-haired girl into the strip, maybe just learning to read, that'll count as my cameo.

    1. NARDO!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!


      I'm afraid you missed out on the cameo, as I started drawing them last week, but I will try to fit in a little red-haired girl if I can.

      (ARE you a little red-haired girl?)

    2. Naw, but I'm raising a pair of them. :-)