Instead of commenting on today's strip, we thought we would use this space for some Reader Feedback.

We have three emails to share with you today, all in response to strip #39: Things May Possibly Start Changing, my use of alliteration, and Harold's threat of lighting me on fire.

So, how about we get to it already.

Email #1 comes from Randy who says:

I love listening to your lovely alliterations! Don't light Steeven on fire!

Well spoken, Randy. Anyone who doesn't want me to set on fire is okay in my book.

Email #2 comes from Eric Nash who writes:

Hi Harold and Steeven,

I met Harold at the recent CGS Super Show and found out about your web comic from him there. He's a good guy. I got a really awesome sketch of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets from him.

Anyway, you asked for thoughts on alliteration. I love it... especially if it bugs Harold. I also love eggs. Does that bug Harold too?

So, finally, I'd like to say that I'm loving your comic. It's the yin yang relationship of the two that makes it work so well. Plus Harold's art is wonderfully fun.

Eric (aka luckymustard)

Another person in my alliteration corner.

Thanks for the emai, Eric.

Our last email comes from Nuggie99:

Eggs are ok, but I prefer sausage.. or you know, bacon!

Avoid alliteration always

Other than the bacon comment, Nuggie99 appears to be out of his mind.

See you on Thursday for Everything Changes - Part Two
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  1. Some people suffer from insanity. I rather enjoy it.

    1. Embrace it! Swim in your craziness! Float along gently in your loon-like ways!