Finally, an honest depiction of the creative process at work.

I'm glad to be able to have this opportunity to speak on the rigorous strain of working under Harold's yoke. Sure, Harold will try and tell you that this creative partnership of ours is truly a 50/50 type of thing. But the truth is that Harold has all of the control. He makes all the decisions. I'm just around because of my pretty face.

Well I'm tired of it!

No longer will I put up with being bullied and pushed around. No longer will I allow my feelings to be dragged through the mud and my creative juices to be soaked up by the sponge of - wait ... I thought I heard something ... hold on.

Yep, Harold's just walked in. Gotta go. See you next week!

PS: Don't tell Harold about this, okay. I don't want to eat his pencil shavings again.

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