And so we come to an end of this chapter of The Mighty Piñata.

I have to say, I'm a little sad.

But let's not get too sad. I mean, we can continue with the adventures of the Mighty Piñata, just not in comic book form. It's prose, it will be weekly, and it's starting TODAY!

That's right, I know I've been saying that the Mighty Piñata web serial wouldn't start until Wednesday, January 31, but I just couldn't wait.

So if you want more of the Mighty Piñata, just click HERE to continue the adventure!

I hope you've enjoyed what Harold and I have created so far, because we have more fun stuff coming you way.

Like I said last week, we are going to take the next four weeks off, then return on Friday, March 2nd when we will continue the adventure of Harold and Steeven who, when we last saw them, were on their way to prison.

See you then!

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