Okay, so this page has one of my favorite panels of the story in it.

Panel #4 where Able Banks is giving the thumbs up to the camera.

Most of my script for this story is very basic scene set up and then all dialog.

For this page the only "direction" I gave was:

Albert continues to start at the television.

And then later:

Albert’s eyes widen and he sits up straighter.

That's it. The rest is all dialogue. The way I see it, Harold is the visual guy. He's going to know better than me how to set up the page, and as he was putting this page together he chose to not just have Albert sitting in front of the TV, but to have us see what it is he is seeing.

So that panel with Able Banks . . . I don't know, it just cracked me up. The guy just giving the thumbs up to the camera was like a slap in the face to poor Albert. Not sure why I found that funny but look at Able's face.

Love it.

Yeah, I'm pretty much the best.


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