This is one of my favorite pages.

Here's what I had in the script:

Shot of Albert lying unconscious on the asphalt of the lot within a circle of light.

This would look all of those iconic images we see from comics of young Bruce Wayne kneeling beside his dead parents with the pearls from his mother’s broken necklace strewn all about.

I think Harold nailed it.

I feel guilty that it's just one piece of art. Splash pages sometimes feel like cheating, but I tried to make up for it with more detail.

I tried to give it a "Young-Bruce-Wayne-in-Crime-Alley-crying-over-his-dead-parents" feel.

And so, as our intrepid writer makes his way through the creative jungle, he stops, frozen in place. For he has come across something rarely seen.

Yes, Steeven has spotted the illusive Harold.

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