I didn't plan for the hostage negotiator to turn out looking like Ron Swanson, but I'm kinda stoked that he did.

What does everyone think of the heist story line so far?

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  1. I love the Heist! And I love the PMP! I hope they'll be back at their old job. My coworker told me this story: he was at Giant and a fellow customer, a woman, while he watched, opened up a can of Parmesan cheese and poured the cheese into another can of Parmesan cheese, which she was planning to buy, so that she could have a full can! So he confronted her on it and said "what are you doing?!" and threaten to call the store security. She just dropped both cans and ran out of the store. so I hope that the comic strip shows Harold and Steven returning to their job on the Public Manners Patrol they can taze the living indecency out of self-absorbed customers like this!

    1. That's a funny story, I can picture it in my mind, the woman's eyes going wide like a deer in headlights, then dropping the cans and bolting.

      True life is always funnier than fiction.