Perhaps some of our fans have noted I tend to "cheat" on some of these strips, and repeat the art in several panels, or at least recycle as much as I can. I honestly have no problem with it. Just comes with the territory of trying to keep up a regular strip. Plus, I think in this particular strip, it actually makes it funnier.

What do you guys think? AM I cheating? Does the recycled art bother you?

If so... I probably will keep doing it anyway. :)

Oh, and I can't seem to get rid of Steeven. Any suggestions on how to make the bearded freak leave me alone?

I have no idea what this kid is trying to build, but when it's finished I'm sure it will topple governments and change the flow of rivers and all that.

So, does Harold make a better Santa Claus than I make an elf or do I make a better elf than Harold makes a Santa Claus?

Frankly, I'm too busy worrying about that darn kid to pay attention to anything else.

Oh, and since Harold brought it up, let me talk a moment on the recycled panels, or the repeating art. Not only is it necessary in order to put out two strips a week, I personally find that the usage can make a strip funnier. I mean, after all, isn't life so full of such tedium and repetition that it often feels like nothing ever changes as the days go crawling by?

Besides, I love how nothing in each panel changes (other than me showing up in that last one) except Harold's eyes. I enjoy following his eyes from panel to panel. That alone makes me laugh. That kind of thing (which Harold came up with) is what I like to think of as quiet genius. It doesn't jump around in front of you saying "Look at me! Look how funny this is! Look at the clever thing I'm doing", it's just this subtle bit of art that makes me glad I'm working with Harold.

I also wanted to say real quick, while the punch line of the strip is, of course, me showing up just when Harold thought it couldn't get any worse, to me the funniest part of the strip is that freaking kid.

I can't stop looking at him!

Join us next week for Part Three.

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  1. I like the "recycled content." I've noticed it before and understood the reason behind it, but it also cracks me up.