Sometimes Steeven lets me write strips. I believe this one was mine. If I'm wrong, he will let me know, pout, whine, and make life generally uncomfortable for the next week.

I was watching a lot of "Glee" at the time. That's my big "VH1: Behind the Music" reveal.

As I don't have much to say about this week's strip, I DO want to say some "Thank You's"

1. Thank you to God. Thank you that I have a fun gift that helps make people laugh. Thank you for my good, talented friend Steeven, who makes this strip so much fun, and also helps me get through life. Thank you for my supportive wife and kids. Thank you for all of my friends who love me, despite me being... well... me. Thank you for the awesome audience (that has such excellent taste) you've given us. Thank you for all my fellow creators who have given me such great support and advice. Thank you for a job that allows me to draw over lunch. Thank you for laughter, and that life is not just a series of mechanical duties to fulfill just to stay alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This strip will live or die through you, and I want to acknowledge that.

2. Thank you to everyone mentioned above. And more specifically: Steeven Orr, Dean Stahl, Keith Cunningham, Ryan King, Eric White, Shawn Pryor, Chad Burdette, Bill English, Yanni, John Wimmer, and Darrell Taylor, you kept me from quitting, and you will always be my Ultra Friends.

And in the words of Shawn Pryor "If I missed anyone, blame it on my head, not my heart."

Yes, Harold is 100% correct, he wrote this strip.

That's just one of the many things that are great about our creative relationship. We each inspire each other. I wrote the The Viking Sketch Part One, sent it to him, and it inspired him to write The Viking Sketch Part Two.

There are a great big bunch of these strips that were inspired by something Harold has said. He'll email me and say something like: "We should do a strip about how much I hate yogurt," and one week later I've written 5 strips on the subject . . . but you'll have to wait a month or so for those.

See you all on Thursday for The Beginning of the End!

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