Boy, I'll tell ya, if I had a nickel for every time that Harold has pulled the old rubber knife trick on me ... wait, didn't I do this in the last strip?


CONTEST UPDATE: If you were not aware, we have a contest going on at the moment ... it doesn't have a name, but maybe we could call it the Have Yourself Drawn Into An Our Adventure Continues Comic Contest? Yeah? Good, I like that.

Anyway, the contest is pretty simple. You just need to be out there on the web talking about Our Adventure Continues, and you have to provide a link to the site. You can share out Tweets, or Facebook posts, or Google+ posts each time we put up a strip, or you can just blog about the site. When you do, your name goes into a hat, and at the end of May, we draw one name. That person is then drawn into a strip.

However, you can only blog, or share, once per strip, but you can do it over multiple platforms. For example. This strip here. Share the Facebook post from our Facebook page (LINK) and that get's your name in the hat once. Share the Tweet about this strip from out Twitter Feed (LINK), and that gets your name in the hat a second time. Share our post about this strip from our Google+ Page (LINK) and get your name in the hat a third time. Post a link to the strip up at your blog or website, you name goes in a fourth time. But you have to tell us that you've done it. Email us at ouradventurecontinues@gmail.com (with "OAC Contest" in the subject line) so that we can put your name in the hat.

So that's the contest.

Here's the update.

Originally we said that the winner would be drawn into a strip in July.

Well, that's changed. It's actually going to be in mid to late August, and it's going to be a series of strips, rather than a one strip gag.

So go do that because it should be a lot of fun.

See you on Thursday with The Apology.

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