Looks like I finally pushed Harold over the edge.

But let's face it. It's been a long time coming. I was going to lead Harold down this path sooner or later.

Don't forget about our contest. The winner will get to appear in a strip this July. This is how you can enter. Just share this post. That's it. Soon we will post about the page on Facebook, so you can find that via our Facebook page and share that post. Or, do the same at Google+, or do the same at Twitter ... or do all three and get your name in the hat three times! (Links to the Facebook page, Google+ page, and Twitter page will be below)

But you don't have to find those posts on our various social networking sites just to enter this contest. You can choose to go and post about it yourself on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or even post about it on the forum of your choice. However you choose to do it, just email a link to your post to ouradventurecontinues@gmail.com (with "OAC Contest" in the subject line) so that we can put your name in the hat.

We will draw one name in May, and the winner will be featured in a strip to be posted in July.

See you all on Thursday when Pictures and Words Fight.

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