Page three was both fun, and a little challenging.

It was fun because I got to write something silly for Oliver to say, and challenging because at one point I had about ten minutes to come up with as many questions as I could for the reports to shout out to Captain Might.

Oliver's line was easy. I've worked in customer service for over a decade and while I've never had to answer questions on foot powder, I've had some fairly interesting inquiries in my day.

Coming up with questions didn't turn out to be too bad either. I just thought of the kids of questions our presidential candidates were getting this fall that had nothing to do with politics.

I also wanted to point out a little something that Harold added in that I just love. On the bottom panel, you will see a child's drawing that Ollie has up on his cubicle wall. The drawing is of Captain Might, and it says 'DADDY' on it. It's those little touches that Harold will add that makes the page feel a little more personal.

If anyone is interested at all in reading Priorities in script form and seeing how things changed from script to page, I'm posting the script one page at a time, once a week, over on my site, steevenorrelse.com. Script pages will go up the week after the completed page goes up over here, so if you go over there now, you can read the script for page two, and next Wednesday you will be able to read the script for this page up there above.

And hey, just for fun, check out this sketch of Mudfish I found that Harold drew back when we were toying the name Grulgor:

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