So, Just What Is Our Adventure Continues All About?

If you are somewhat new to the site (and why wouldn't you be, we haven't been up for very long) you may be wondering what this place is all about.

Well, first and foremost, Our Adventure Continues will be a web comic. But not just a web comic, a bunch of web comics.

See, Harold and I have a lot of ideas and stories that we want to tell and we don't want to be stuffed into one specific genre. So, Our Adventure Continues allow us to do all kinds of stuff.

For example, the plan, which may change, is to officially launch the site with a comic strip called Between the Panels. This will be the behind-the-scenes story of how Our Adventure Continues came to be and will provide you a look into how the creative process works.

Well ... it would if it wasn't filled with a lot of zany, madcap silliness like this:

And this:

Plus this:

And some of this:

So as you can see, the laughs will never end.

Beyond Between the Panels, which sounds like a title all on its own, will be an epic super hero tale the likes of which have never before been seen ... before ...or something.

Then there will be westerns and zombies and prose and bears and aliens and flowers and samurai water buffalos and just plain old good stories.

Stick with us. You'll be glad you did.