Welcome to the official launch of Our Adventure Continues.

Harold and I have been working on this for a great long time and are both excited to finally share what we've been working on with everyone.

Up first is an eight page story called Priorities. You will get one page a week of Priorities for the next eight weeks. Harold and I are really proud of this one and we hope you enjoy it.

Following Priorities will be the web strip that has yet to be named. The strip is a farcical, behind the scenes look at how this whole thing came together and may contain one or more talking horses.

If you like what we post, we only ask that you share the love. Tweet about it, post it on Facebook, throw it around your circles on Google+, get the word out to as many people as you can. In return, we’ll keep creating content for you to enjoy.

So join us right back here next week as we attempt to answer the question: "Who is Mudfish?"

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