I got the idea for this strip from a documentary I watched about the Old West.

It might have even been a Ken Burns documentary.

Anyway, there was this particular section that talked about how the National Standardization of Time came about due in part to the Sears & Roebuck catalog.

And, as I needed a couple of fellas to completely ignore the request of our hero, get into a discussion about something that had nothing at all to do with what our hero needed, and then delay our hero's journey because of it (because, as I've mentioned, this Western story line is a loose homage to a particular movie and that scenario happens at the beginning of said movie), the idea of this discussion between the two farmers made me giggle.

Also, if you don't recognize him, that's Reg playing the part of Farmer #2. Reg made his debut in Strip #15: Fear of the Unknown, and then returned in #23: Jumping the Shark, #24: Vaulting the Shark, and #63: Heist Anxiety Part Five.

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