I've never owned a hedgehog, but if I did it would be named shovel.

Or Spiny Norman.

Or Harold.

I'm pretty open on hedgehog names.

Now the world know's his deep, dark secret.

Steeven can't read.

The *ahem* GROUNDHOG line is from my sister-in-law, Shari. When she was little, she actually named her groundhog "Shovel". I don't think she even knows why.

I knew it was a groundhog in the strip . . . my comment had nothing to do with the strip.

I was just musing aloud in regard to what I would name a hedgehog.

Yeah, that's what I was doing.

Stop judging me!


  1. Ha!

    In truth, I'm waiting to see the ex-soldier from #48 make a return to the comic as the bank's security guard. (Rubs hands in anticipation)

  2. Wow - I'm famous! Thanks! (I think?) Yes, I did have a hamster that I wanted to name Shovel, but my sister (I think you may know her, Harold...) would NOT allow me to, so I named him Digger instead, to appease her. But this event has not stopped me from naming lots of other things: we have a step stool named Herman, a freezer named Mortimer, electronic devices named Moxie and Clem, etc.