On behalf of Harold and I, I'd like to start off by saying happy Saint Patrick's Day to all our readers and point them to a Saint Patrick's Day strip we posted way pack when:


Today's strip plays on what I like to call my crippling social issues.

I'm not good at talking to people.

Okay, that's not all that true. I can talk to people, I've gotten pretty good at faking it anyway. But if given the choice, I would prefer not to be the one to go talk to someone if I could avoid it.

If this were a true to life situation, I would try to convince Harold into doing all the talking while I stood around and looked scary. That's something I'm good at.

I remember when I was a wee lad, when a waiter was taking our order, or if we were in line at a fast food place, this situation in panel 1 would play out with my parents and I.

I figured it was fitting for Steeven as well.

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