And so it begins. A story two years in the making!

But only because we like to work slow.

This story came about because Harold had drawn this amazing image of a guy dressed as a piñata. He emailed it to me and said that he thought it would be funny if we did a comic about this guy. I can’t remember exactly what he said, or even if my recollection of the events are correct, I mean it was two years ago, folks. I’m lucky if I remember last week. But, if I do recall correctly, that’s kind of how it went down.

Anyway, I started writing a script. As we normally do when Harold and I work on something together, we toss ideas back and forth, and usually when all is said and done, we can’t remember who came up with what, which is great because in the end it’s our story together.

So, Harold and I are back, and not just for this one story. I mean we are back. That means that once our short Piñata story is over, you will see more Our Adventure Continues! We have some great plans for the strip and can’t wait to start sharing those with everyone.

So until then, join us back here next Friday for Page Two of the Piñata!