Oh boy. Here it is, folks.

The turning point.

The showdown.

Following this incident, nothing for Albert will ever be the same.

What's going to happen?

Yeah, like I'm going to just tell you.

Harold and I both hope you are enjoying our story so far. If you are, we'd love to hear from you. That's the currency that keeps web comics going.

One last thing, before I let you go. If you find yourself wanting more while you are waiting each week for a new page to come up, and you like to read the occasional story that doesn't have pictures, I have a couple of tales going on right now that you might enjoy.

I'm currently in the middle of writing my first fantasy novel. It's called Then a Penguin Walked In, and I'm posting the first draft as I write it. You can start that up HERE.

Beyond that, check out the new short story I've written. It's a Weird Western called The Other Gunfight and you can find it, along with my other short stories HERE.

And hey, while you are out there dropping in on websites, check out Harold's Patreon page. He works really hard on this comic and if you'd like to throw a little support his way, that's where you can do it. Jump on over there right HERE.

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