Thursday, May 7, 2015

#75: Innocent Until Proven Stupid

Okay now, tell us the truth, is this the outcome you were expecting?

Well hold on, because it's going to be quite the ride moving forward.

Well still have two strips left for Season One, which means a possible collection in the future, maybe, possibly.

Until then, join the mailing list and we will alert you each time new strip is out and let you know any news concerning the strip (such as, when a new possible collected edition may or may not be available).


Because, to be honest, when we have big news, we are going to tell our mailing list first. So join, it's free, we don't sell your email address to anyone, and you can get some behind the scenes content now and again.

As Season One is coming to a close, I've decided I'm going to have to move to one strip a week. I barely kept up with 2 a week this season.

I will work on a buffer of strips as I crank out one a week, and I might be able to do 2 a week over the summer, or on special occasions. There's another option for getting more strips done, but that's news I need to save for another day.

(Cue dramatic music) Duh duh DUUUNNNNNNNN...

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