What You Can Look Forward To #2: Drama

What can you look forward to each and every week from Our Adventure Continues other than really long run-on sentences when the comic officially launches on an as of yet to be determined date at some point in our near future?


You just can't tell a good story without gripping and emotional scenes full of anguish and despair.

Your protagonist needs to go through a journey. They need to suffer. They need to feel pain. They need to cry and wail and reach the end of their rope so that the audience can feel pity on them and cheer when they win back what little respect they had in the first place.

That's just what you're going to get here at Our Adventure Continues. Sad and pathetic characters breaking down their emotional walls for all the world to see.

Like this:

It's okay to cry along with him if you want to.

See you next week.

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