The Names They Are A-Changing

You may have noticed something a little odd about the site today. For those with a keen eye, you may have noticed that we have completely changed the name of the site.

What used to be called Fun Size Justice is now called Our Adventure Continues.

Harold and I really struggled with this name change. We somewhat realized that while Fun Size Justice is a pretty cool name, it doesn't quite describe or define what kind of comic this has the potential to become.

We agonized over the decision, but in the end came to realize that Our Adventure Continues just fits.

So we thought we should probably change the name. We figured, if we are going to change it, let’s change it now before we actually put any pages up.

So there you have it ... the name has changed. If you've subscribed to this site under the old name, you'll want to delete that subscription and subscribe under the new name. Sorry.

That's not the only change we've made.

I believe last week I said that we would be posting on Fridays. Well ... we thought it might work out better to post on Wednesdays. Of course, today is Thursday so we're just screwing everything up this week.

Next week however, expect your updates to come in on Wednesday up until pages are ready to be posted, and those will come on Wednesday as well.

Harold and I are still hard at work on Priorities. We have just one last page to do, and it's almost done.

You want to see a couple of panels from this page we have been working so hard on?

There you go.

See you next week.

- Steeven

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