Welcome to the Fun Size Justice Web Comic

Hello and welcome to Fun Size Justice.

Fun Size Justice is a joint creative venture between one writer (that's me) and one artist (Mr. Harold C. Jennett III).

Our mission is to create the kinds of comics we want to read. Comics that appeal to and are safe for kids, but can be read by, and even better yet, enjoyed by adults as well. Comics that feature larger than life heroes in colorful costumes who try to do the right thing. Comics that blend big action with small personal moments. Comics featuring the kinds of stories that can connect with people.

Basically, we want to make good comics and we hope you will enjoy reading them.

So that's what this place is for. See, Fun Size Justice is a web comic ... or will be. What you are going to get out of this web comic is short stories of heroes and villians from a shared universe. We'll start out small with Fun Size bites to introduce the characters that inhabit this universe and then get into some of the bigger stories.

Now, these stories aren't quite complete yet, so until they are we're going to tease future projects and storylines as well as post pages and character designs.

As a matter of fact, a page from our current project is going to be going up real soon, so make sure you come back for that.

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